None of this would be possible with you the love and support that you all give me every single day. I may not be the biggest YouTuber, I may not be the biggest travel YouTuber, I may not be the best film maker, I may not have millions of followers, but together we have created a community of travelers and adventurers that are exploring the world and forging a new path forward online. I have been doing this seriously for almost 4 years now, and the fact that we are at a place where a company - Buffer Festival - believes in me enough to fly me to Toronto and let me premiere one of my films to an audience of paying people is beyond unreal. Every single day I am thankful for all of you and for helping to make this life that I have worked so hard for possible. I cannot wait to work even harder to create amazing content that I am proud of for you. I can't wait to see where the future of this channel will take us!